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Bethel Regional High School hosts regional cross-country meet at the sandpit in Bethel

On Saturday, Sept. 30, the Bethel Regional High School (BRHS) Warriors hosted the 3A Big West Regional and the Lower Kuskokwim Regional cross-country meet at the sandpit in Bethel. The BRHS girls and boys teams both took first place, which qualifies them to compete at the state meet in Palmer on Saturday, Oct. 7.

KYUK’s Francisco Martínezcuello attended the race and has this audio postcard.

3A Big West Regional Race At The Pit
On Saturday, Sept 30 cross country teams from across the Arctic and Western Alaska traveled to Bethel to compete in the last competition of the regular season.

High School Girls Top 8 and Times
1. AwaLuk Nichols: Nome-Beltz 24:03
2. Lauren Kingstrom: Nome-Beltz 24:05
3. Rosemarie Dyment: BRHS 26:04
4. Xiimara Salazar: Kotzebue 26:49
5. Kyana Harpak: BRHS 27:15
6. Kiara Burnell: Barrow 27:36
7. Forrest Olemaun: Barrow 27:38
8. Katelyn Piper: Kotzebue 27:46
High School Boys Top 8 and Times
1. Orson Hoogendorn: Nome-Beltz 19:23
2. Ned Peters: Bethel Regional 19:37
3. Jackson Iverson: BRHS 20:23
4. Benjamin Milton: Nome-Beltz 20:39
5. Madden Cockroft: BRHS 21:33
6. Sheldon Smith: BRHS 21:34
7. Son Erickson: Nome-Beltz 21:34
8. Deacon Callahan: Nome-Beltz 22:03
Francisco Martínezcuello was the KYUK News Reporting Fellow from November 2022 through January 2024. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Journalism. He is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.
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