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Coffee at KYUK
Weekdays after the news, closing out the 8 o'clock and noon hours; ~8:40 a.m. and ~12:40 p.m.

Learn about what's going on around you, from the weather to community events.

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  • Joining us today for “Coffee” Is Thom Leonard, Vice-President of Corporate Affairs at Calista. Here to speak with him is KYUK’s Gabby Salgado.
  • Joining us for “Coffee” are Mikayla Miller and Taylor Feightner, two people involved in Kuskokwim Consortium Library’s and the Tundra Women’s Coalition’s summer youth program called the “Teens Acting Against Violence” after-school program. Here to speak with them is Gabby Salgado.
  • Joining us for “Coffee” is Michelle DeWitt, the Executive Director of the Bethel Community Services Foundation. She is here to speak with KYUK’s MaryCait Dolan about the scholarships available to residents headed to college.
  • Joining us for “Coffee” is Holly Carroll, the Yukon River Federal Subsistence Fisheries Manager. The number of salmon expected this summer is a bit better, but still not good, as she explains to KYUK’s Evan Erickson.
  • Joining us today for “Coffee” Is Kyle Van Peursem, the hydrometeorologist with the National Weather Service Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center, and Julia Long, emergency management specialist with the State Emergency Operations Center. Here to speak with them is KYUK’s Evan Erickson.
  • Update on breakup on the Kuskokwim River.Joining us today for “Coffee” Is Emmett Nicori, the Information Technician for the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. He is here to talk about a hearing scheduled for next week on closing the Kuskokwim River to salmon fishing. Speaking with him is KYUK’s Evan Erickson.
  • Update on the breakup on the Kuskokwim River.Joining us for “Coffee” is Stanley Pete, a resident of Nunam Iqua, a community at the south mouth of the Yukon River. He spoke with KYUK’s Johanna Eurich about the changes he has seen during his lifetime.
  • Before we visit with two people studying earthquakes in Bethel, we need to catch up on Breakup on the Kuskokwim River.Breakup conversationJoining us for “Coffee”, are two researchers studying the earthquakes in the Bethel area. Utpal (OOT-pahl) Dutta (DOOT-tah) is a research Associate at the Environment & Natural Resources Institute at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Annika (Ahn-NEE-kah) Goozen (GOO-zen) is a graduate student at UAA. She has put instruments at the Gladys Jung Elementary School in Bethel to monitor earthquakes. KYUK’s Johanna Eurich spoke to them last week during the national meeting of the Seismological Society of America in Anchorage.