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Slideshow: Cross Country Race At The Pit

On Saturday, Sept. 25, the BRHS Warriors hosted the Pit Race. LKSD student athletes in four different categories, Middle School Girls, Middle School Boys, High School Girls and High School Boys, descended on the pit for the last local race of the season. High School teams will compete at the regional meet in Kotzebue on October 2. 

Middle School Girls Top Three:                                  Middle School Boys Top Three:

     1. Panit'ai Dyment                                                      1. Mason Beans-Polk

     2. Sasha Charlie                                                          2. Capayuk Iverson

     3. Jeanine Titus                                                          3. Shiah Rivers

High School Girls Top Three:                                      High School Boys Top Three :

     1. Payton Boney                                                          1. Isaac Titus

     2. Ernie Joe                                                                  2. Latrell Lake

     3. Fiona Phelan                                                           3. Landon Smith