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Y-K Delta runners compete in state cross country meet

IMG_1288 The Bethel Regional High School girls cross country team placed sixth overall at the state meet on Oct. 9, 2021.jpeg
Courtesy of Jacki Klejka
The Bethel Regional High School girls cross country team placed sixth overall at the state meet on Oct. 9, 2021.

Runners from across the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta competed in the state cross country meet on Oct. 9.

Girls competed on a 2.6 mile course, while the boys ran a longer 3.1 mile course.

The highest placing boy from the region was senior Isaac Titus of Scammon Bay, who placed seventh overall in the small school division with a time of 18:23.0. Sophomore Ernie Joe of Hooper Bay was the highest placing girl from the region in the small school division. She placed 19th in Division III with a time of 24:17.5.

The Bethel Regional High School girls team placed sixth at state in the medium school division. Lead sophomore Payton Boney placed 26th overall with a time of 23:51.1.

The Bethel Regional High School boys team did not qualify for state, but senior Landon Smith led the individual effort for the school with a time of 18:35.5.

Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta DIII Girls Finishers:

  • Ernie Joe, Hooper Bay, 10th grade, 19th place
  • Michelle Atcherian, Chevak, 11th  grade, 22nd place
  • Angelina Chiklak, Chevak, 9th grade, 27th place
  • Ariana Tall, Hooper Bay, 9th grade, 30th place
  • Marisa Boliver, Marshall, 11th grade, 32nd place
  • Cheyenne Steeves, Aniak, 36th place
  • Lanae Philips, Aniak, 38th place
  • Jasmine Simons, Nelson Island, 39th place
  • Irene Chakuchin, Nelson Island, 42nd place
  • Rosemary Henry, Nelson Island, 45th place
  • Keitha Philip, Akiachak, 52nd place
  • Mariah Nash, Chevak, 9th grade, 53rd place
  • Michele Andrews, St. Mary’s, 11th grade, 59th place
  • Flora Prince, St. Mary’s, 9th grade, 60th place
  • Naureen George, St. Mary’s, 9th grade, 64th place

Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta DIII Boys Finishers:

  • Isaac Titus, Scammon Bay, 12th grade, 7th place
  • Latrell Lake, Hooper Bay, 10th grade, 15th place
  • Sean Lupie, Kongiganak, 29th place
  • Ace Hill, Chevak, 10th grade, 32nd place
  • Sigurd Napoka, Tuluksak, 35th place
  • Jesse Nanuk, Hooper Bay 11th grade, 41st place
  • Sherman Kelila, Aniak, 44th place
  • Nathaniel Jensen, Emmonak, 10th grade, 46th place
  • Raymond Chanar, Nelson Island, 47th place
  • Felton Albert, Nelson Island, 52nd place
  • Kenneth Snyder, Akiachak, 59th place
  • David Beans II, St. Mary’s 12th grade, 65th place
  • Caleb Kamuck, St. Mary’s, 12th grade, 73rd place
  • Leo Long, St. Mary’s, 12th grade, 79th place

BRHS DII Girls Finishers:

  • Payton Boney, 10th grade, 26th place
  • Fiona Phelan, 12th grade, 29th place
  • Jordan Klejka, 10th grade, 47th place
  • Candence Cedars, 12th grade, 48th place
  • Maya Komulainen, 10th grade, 54th place
  • Alqaq Small, 12th grade
  • Beth Hensley, 12th grade, 60th place

BRHS DII Boys Finishers:

  • Landon Smith, 12th grade, 21st place
  • Peter Crow, 12th grade, 38th place
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