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Courtesy of Aassanaaq Kairaiuak

Gabby Hiestand-Salgado, a Jesuit Volunteer working at KYUK, came up with the idea of making a film of people dancing to the same Yup’ik song from wherever they were hunkering down during the pandemic. The two Blanchett brothers, Phillip and Steven, and their band, Pamyua, were quick to help.

Virus Doesn’t Stop Yup’ik Dancing

May 8, 2020
Pamyua and KYUK

Cama-i, the annual Alaska Native festival that brings dance groups and Elders into Bethel, was canceled this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but COVID-19 did not stop the community from dancing.

Patrick Williams

April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate, KYUK is airing original poems by Bethel Regional High School students. The students wrote and recorded the poems as part of a poetry class this semester. Many of the pieces reflect the students’ experiences navigating the coronavirus pandemic.

Bethel Library Raising Money To Bring Dolly Parton Book Program To Town

Apr 21, 2020
Dean Swope / KYUK

As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, the Kuskokwim Consortium Library is working to bring legendary singer Dolly Parton’s book program for low-income kids to Bethel. 

Peter Moore: An AVCP Traditional Chief Remembered

Apr 21, 2020

Members of the Association of Village Council Presidents are mourning one of their own. Board members offered condolences to the family and extended family of Peter Moore, the organization’s Traditional Chief, longtime leader, and Elder in the region.  

Despite Postponement, Cama'i Dance Festival Plans To Come Back This Fall

Mar 12, 2020
Rashah McChesney / KYUK

The Cama’i Dance Festival in Bethel has been postponed until Fall 2020 out of concerns over the coronavirus. The festival normally brings Indigenous dance groups from all around the country to Bethel during March.

Cama'i Dance Festival Postponed Over Coronavirus Concerns

Mar 11, 2020
Rashah McChesney / KYUK

The Cama’i Dance Festival in Bethel has been postponed until Fall 2020 out of concerns over the coronavirus. Dance groups from across the region, the state, and the lower 48 gather every year in Bethel to share dance, culture, tradition, and community.

Linda Curda is the coordinator for the festival. She said in an email that the decision came to protect the health of Elders, and because spring break is in full swing for many schools with teachers and families who are traveling. Many of them would return the weekend of the festival, and Curda didn’t want to place anyone in jeopardy should someone be carrying the virus.

Reyne Athanas inside her art classroom at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Kuskokwim Campus. Athanas will be inducted into the Alaska Women's Hall of Fame on Oct. 20, 2020.
Greg Kim / KYUK

Last month, long-time Bethel educator, artist, and community organizer Reyne Athanas retired from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Kuskokwim Campus. Next month, she will be inducted into the Alaska Women’s Hall Of Fame. It’s a good time to look back on everything Athanas has done for the community, after which you may be asking, “What hasn’t she done?” 

'All As One': New YKHC Art Illustrates Yup'ik Values

Feb 4, 2020
Courtesy of John Oscar

When you walk into the new hospital building that the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation built in Bethel, the first thing you’ll see is art that depicts the Yup’ik way of life. One of those pieces of art covers one wall just above a line of chairs in one of YKHC’s waiting areas. 

You can once again watch KYUK’s TV Channels. The channels 15.1 to 15.4 were restored to normal operation last night after a malfunctioning transmitter cut off the signal for several weeks. We appreciate your patience during the outage.