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K300 Seeks Help From Community

Jan 5, 2017
Dean Swope / KYUK

As the K300 gets closer, the organizers are looking for help from the community. Organizer Madelene Reichard joined us in the studio to explain how. 


Staff Photo / KYUK

Steve Heimel, one of KYUK's News Managing Editors, was recently honored when a renowned Cup'ik mask and doll maker thought Heimel’s likeness would make a pretty good doll. Earl Atchak of Chevak has heard Heimel's voice on Alaska radio for decades and modeled the doll after Facebook pictures of the longtime radio host. KYUK talked with Atchak about the doll-making process and the inspiration behind his work. 

K300 Opener Postponed

Dec 17, 2016
Adrian Wagner / kyuk

Due to unsafe driving conditions on the river, the Season Opener for the Kuskokwim 300 has been postponed until Saturday, December 24th at 11 a.m.

Bethel's First Dog Race Of The Season This Weekend

Dec 9, 2016
Adrian Wagner / kyuk

The Bethel Sprint Club is holding its first race of the year this Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 p.m. KYUK’s Adrian Wagner spoke with Sprint Club President John Simon about what to expect this year. This weekend’s race will begin at 1:00 p.m. on the river side of the small boat harbor in Bethel.

The 2017 Cama-i Festival Takes Shape

Dec 1, 2016
Dean Swope / KYUK

The 2017 Cama-i festival, while still in the early planning stages, is taking shape.

Bethel Council on the Arts, the sponsor of the festival, has decided on a theme for this year's gathering: it will be "In This Time of Joy," or Nunaniryuum Nallii in Yup'ik.

Charles Enoch / KYUK

You may not have heard, but KYUK has added a new service to its Yup'ik News programming. The Bethel public radio station is now airing news from around the world in Yup’ik. Their targeted audience includes elders, and people in the region who have Yup’ik as their primary language.


Mike McIntyre

Yup’ik rap has hit Facebook, and people are loving it. A local rap video posted last week has been viewed more than 59 thousand times and stars Byron Nicholai, the Toksook Bay teenager who’s made himself a household name in the Delta with his Yup’ik singing and dancing videos. Mike McIntyre produced the track and talks with KYUK about exploring a new genre and why Yup’ik raps so well. The song "Tuallu", which translates to "Ready!" in English, is the first single on the pair’s second album. 

Maddie Winchester / KNOM

Today on Delta Affairs Weekly, we're bringing you something different. We’re airing a show produced by KNOM in Nome. Maddie Winchester of KNOM traveled to Bethel in April for the Cama-i Dance Festival where she met Bethel teenager and dancer Mike Bialy. Mike's story is part of KNOM's monthly series Story49.

The Doll Maker: Ursula Paniyak Passes Away

Aug 19, 2016
Jaderiene Paniyak

Ursula Paniyak, renowned doll maker from Chevak, passed away last month after a battle with lung cancer. She leaves behind a brother, sisters, grandchildren, and hundreds of intricate, handmade dolls. 

Adrian Wagner / KYUK

Over half the Alaskan diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church gathered in Bethel this weekend.  This is the first time Bethel has hosted the region's annual conference. KYUK attended the ceremony and spoke with Bishop David Mahaffey about the church's place in the community, both historically and contemporarily.