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Smithsonian Institute

A woman who studies museum collections made a trip to Bethel from New York City this March, seeking to learn more about things she had been looking at in back rooms and exhibition halls on the East Coast. What these things said about the people who made them and their relationship to seals brought her to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. 

Calista Looks To Recognize Best In Region

Mar 14, 2017
Calista Corporation

The Calista Corporation is looking for the best of the region's shareholders and descendants to recognize. The corporation wants to honor them with not only a plaque for the wall, but also $1,500 to put in the bank.

Calista is looking for people who lead and inspire. The nominating committee is looking for five different kinds of excellence: a culture bearer of the year, a distinguished shareholder, an elder of the year, a youth/educator of the year, and a business of the year.

Calista Education and Culture, or CEC, a nonprofit organization, is working to collect traditional names and stories of places in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta and share that knowledge with the region. To do that they’re creating an interactive, online map of the Delta in Yup’ik and English, called the Yup’ik Atlas. This week, CEC is hosting a workshop in Bethel, teaching community members how to add their traditional knowledge to the online tool.

Larson Wins Close Kwethluk Sled Dog Race

Feb 14, 2017
Mike Williams Sr.

It was a tight sled dog race at Kwethluk this weekend. Fourteen mushers competed in the forty-mile Kwethluk Sprint Race on Friday. Running 20 miles a day over two days, the top three mushers came in with less than a minute separating each other.

Immigrants In The YK Delta: A Cab Ride With Lincoln

Feb 6, 2017
Katie Basile / KYUK

As immigrants across the country wonder what a future in the United States will look like under an administration seeking to bar their entry, we’re taking a look at some of our neighbors in Western Alaska who have immigrated here. In Bethel, there is a small community of a hundred or so who have come to Alaska from various Eastern European countries and are colloquially and collectively known as "Albanians." They came to Bethel for many reasons: economic opportunity, family, and to escape war and persecution. We start our series about local immigrants by talking with one of them. This episode is entitled: “A cab ride with Lincoln.”

Artifacts To Be Returned To Quinhagak

Jan 12, 2017
University of Aberdeen

The village of Quinhagak is preparing to receive a series of artifacts from an archeological dig conducted there over the last several years.  The artifacts, tools, and weapons have been preserved by a team from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and will be repatriated to the village later this year.

Napaskiak Celebrates Slaviq

Jan 10, 2017

While many Alaskans have returned to work after the holidays, the state's Orthodox villages have just concluded their celebration of Slaviq, the Russian Orthodox celebration of Christmas. We went to Napaskiak, a few miles downriver from Bethel, for the last ceremony.

The air in the church is warm and thick with frankincense, despite near negative temperatures outside. A small choir is hidden in a loft above those coming in from the cold, creating the impression that the soft reverberant sounds are not coming from anywhere specific, or rather originate from heaven itself.

Mike Willams Jr. Wins Holiday Classic

Jan 9, 2017
Katie Basile / KYUK

Mike Williams Jr. pulled out at narrow victory in this weekend’s 50 mile K300 Holiday Classic. This is Williams Jr.'s first win of the year, and he finished with a time of 3:25:06. KYUK caught up with Williams Jr. after the race.

K300 Seeks Help From Community

Jan 5, 2017
Dean Swope / KYUK

As the K300 gets closer, the organizers are looking for help from the community. Organizer Madelene Reichard joined us in the studio to explain how. 


Staff Photo / KYUK

Steve Heimel, one of KYUK's News Managing Editors, was recently honored when a renowned Cup'ik mask and doll maker thought Heimel’s likeness would make a pretty good doll. Earl Atchak of Chevak has heard Heimel's voice on Alaska radio for decades and modeled the doll after Facebook pictures of the longtime radio host. KYUK talked with Atchak about the doll-making process and the inspiration behind his work.