Greg Kim

News Reporter

Greg Kim is a news reporter for KYUK. In his past life, he worked as a software engineer in Seattle, WA. He visited Bethel in 2019 for the Kuskokwim 300, and decided he wanted to tell the stories of the people in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Nick Phillips watches the overflow pipe during a water delivery.
Greg Kim / KYUK

Nick Phillips just finished his 30th year of hauling water in Bethel. That's 30 years in a position that is often understaffed. KYUK spent a morning with Phillips to see what he does, and what keeps him doing it.

Former City Planner Betsy Jumper was fired a month ago.
City of Bethel

The City of Bethel's planning department is the latest to lose its leader. The former city planner was fired a month ago according to the planner herself, Betsy Jumper. 

The state medical examiner has confirmed that the body recovered several weeks ago is that of Paul Kaganak. His body was recovered on June 19, a month after Kaganak fell into the Kuskokwim River near Crowley Dock.

This story has been updated with the name of the man who drowned. The story has also been updated with the account from the Bethel Police Department.

A man drowned in the river on Wednesday near Bethel. Bethel Search and Rescue has recovered the body of 35-year-old Fritz Johnson from Napaskiak. The family has been notified.

Former City Planner Betsy Jumper was fired a month ago.
City of Bethel

The city has approved a new local option petition that would limit alcohol sales to restaurants. The petition has more than the 418 signatures necessary to put it on the ballot, which means voters will have another chance to decide if they want liquor stores operating in Bethel. 

Former City Planner Betsy Jumper was fired a month ago.
City of Bethel

Something this big is going to take more than one meeting. Last night, the Bethel City Council postponed voting on stricter alcohol laws because they had so many amendments. Among the changes was increasing the two-bottle-per-day sales limit per customer to five bottles, modifying the business hours for liquor stores, and changing the fines for alcohol offenses.

AC Liquor Store receives state approval to reopen in Bethel.
Geraldine Brink / KYUK

The state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board unanimously approved a liquor license transfer to the Northwest Company, doing business locally as Alaska Commercial Company, or AC. AC bought the license from Cezary Maczynski of Kusko Liquor. The approval comes with stipulations that include fire marshal approval and a background check of AC ownership. 

Bethel City Council will discuss proposed alcohol ordinance and replacing City Attorney Patty Burley.
Christine Trudeau / KYUK

The Bethel City Council will look at ways to replace City Attorney Patty Burley at tonight’s regular meeting. Mayor Fred Watson proposes using the same recruitment firm as the one being used to find the next city manager. 

City Attorney Patty Burley's last day will be August 2.
Greg Kim / KYUK

She has served the city for almost a decade, and now she’s quitting. Bethel City Attorney Patty Burley has submitted her resignation. Her last day will be August 2.