Independent Alyse Galvin Says She Can Get More Done Than Don Young

Oct 20, 2020

Credit Alyse Galvin Campaign

This is the second time that Alyse Galvin will try to defeat Don Young, the longest-serving member of Congress. She said that Young has been there too long, and that he doesn’t have any power because term limits prevent him from chairing any committee, even if the Republicans were to regain control of the House of Representatives.

“After 48 years, unfortunately, the truth is Don Young no longer has any power in Washington,” said Galvin. “He is in the (Republican) minority, and he also has no ability to get any position of power in the committees.”

Galvin is one of two independent candidates running this year who gained the Democratic Party’s nomination through the open primary election. Both Dr. Al Gross, who is running against incumbent Sen. Dan Sullivan, and Galvin, who is opposing Young, have been accused of being Democrats in disguise. Galvin denies it.

“Unfortunately, the way the ads have come out, they’re very misleading,” says Galvin. “I’ve been independent for more than 15 years. That’s what I am. So to jump into something else would be very disingenuous.” 

Galvin has strong ideas about education. For one thing, she thinks that Alaska should get its fair share of federal funding for early childhood education.

“In Alaska, we have the least amount of resources per capita for early learning in the entire nation,” Galvin said.

But when it comes to the Donlin mine, Galvin does not have a firm position. She said that she supports mining as a form of economic development, but is not sure about this specific mine project.

“Everyone is looking forward to ensuring that there are more job opportunities. However, there are concerns about whether or not that mine may be too close to the watershed that feeds into where subsistence fishing is happening. I’ve yet to learn about whether or not we have fully mitigated those risks and concerns. So, I am supportive of economic development and hopeful the community can find a way to feel like this would be a good solution.”

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