Fishing Regulations

Jun 10, 2020

When and where you can fish on the Kuskokwim River.

Drift Net Openings

The entire Kuskokwim River mainstem opened to gillnets full-time, until further notice, on July 7 at 12:01 a.m.

Drift Net Regulations

  • Six-inch mesh or less
  • May not exceed 45 meshes in depth
  • May not exceed 150 feet in length upstream of the Johnson River
  • May not exceed 300 feet in length downstream of the Johnson River

Salmon-Spawning Tributaries Closed To Gillnets

  • Eek River
  • Kwethluk River drainage to its confluence with Kuskokwak Slough
  • Kasigluk and Kisaralik River drainages, including Old Kuskokwak Slough
  • Tuluksak River drainage
  • Aniak River drainage
  • Aniak Box

All other Kuskokwim River tributaries are closed to gillnets from their confluence with the Kuskokwim River to 100 yards upstream. Subsistence fishing with gillnets will remain open upstream of that 100-yard closure area.