Aniak Under Flood Advisory; Kuskokwim Ice Jammed Below Community

May 1, 2018

Aniak is under a flood advisory and low-lying areas near the barge and gravel pit are under a few inches of water. The ice in the Upper Kuskokwim River moved past the village this morning, and with a risk of flood, the school canceled classes.

As of 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, the river ice was jammed 15 miles downstream of Aniak at Birch Crossing. The ice remains in place from that point downstream, according to the River Watch team from the National Weather Service. The crew arrived in Aniak on Tuesday morning and will be flying the Kuskokwim River all week to monitor breakup and issue updates.

They report that light runs of chunk ice continue floating past the Upper River communities and could be hazardous to boats. More is expected to come down with the ice still holding far upriver at McGrath.

On Wednesday, the River Watch crew plans to survey the Kuskowkim from Aniak halfway downriver to Bethel.