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Gov. Mike Dunleavy's proposed budget for this year took deep whacks at multiple state programs vital to rural Alaska. 

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A pair of young children fell through the thin ice of Brown's Slough where it runs behind AC Quickstop on the night of Wednesday, February 13. Luckily, a young man had decided to try to take a shortcut home.  

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More than 130 Calista shareholders signed a letter sent to the Calista Native Corporation protesting the proposed Donlin gold mine, and they are all women. Calista owns the subsurface rights to the mine, and is the regional corporation for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. 

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As Gov. Mike Dunleavy unveils his budget, which includes deep cuts to a host of state programs, three lawmakers are cautioning him against rejecting federal funds used for Medicaid expansion in Alaska. A memo lays out how the governor is legally bound to accept these funds. 

The memo, which is from the Division of Legal and Research Services, says that the governor is “legally obligated” to accept federal funds. Legislators would need to pass a bill to eliminate or restrict the program in Alaska.

Bethel City Council meeting wrap-up for November 28, 2017.
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The only ordinance that passed at Tuesday’s Bethel City Council meeting seemed more routine than consequential. The council unanimously voted to reacquire land that had been leased to the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative to test if the area could support a wind turbine. As it turned out, the 2.55 acres near the city lagoon was not a good location for that purpose, and the city is taking the land back.

Kings Swim In A Dangerous Ocean

Feb 12, 2019
fish by Katie Basile

King salmon have been returning younger and in lower numbers than predicted in much of the state, which has biologists wondering what is happening to kings in the ocean. KYUK reports on research that seems to indicate that a predator may be involved.

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A tailings dam collapsed last month in Brazil, killing more than 150 people. That accident raised fears among some residents in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta about the safety of the tailings facility and dam that Donlin Gold plans to construct for its large gold mine. Donlin says its design is much safer than the one that collapsed in Brazil. 

Learning And Teaching At Yup’ik Winter Cultural Camp

Feb 11, 2019
Thom Leonard

This past weekend, Calista held a gathering of Elders at a “cultural camp” in Anchorage. KYUK was there as children, Elders, families, and teachers gathered to learn.

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A former Ravn Alaska supervisor was recently sentenced for his role in stealing mail, including 343 computers, from airplanes bound for villages. Some of those villages included St. Mary’s, Emmonak, Kotlik, Aniak, Alakanuk, Grayling, Kalskag, Koyuk, and Stebbins.

As Tuesday’s meeting approaches, tensions rise as Bethel City Council members remain divided on the completion of the city's audit for last year.
Christine Trudeau / KYUK


As Tuesday’s meeting approaches, tensions rise as Bethel City Council members remain divided on the completion of the city's audit for last year.



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