YKHC Finds No Evidence Of Social Media Allegation Of Bed Bugs In Emergency Department

Sep 9, 2019

The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation
Credit Dean Swope/KYUK

Last week, a picture of a blood smear with a black dot that looked like a bug in it circulated on Facebook. Below it, a caption said that the image was of a smashed bedbug and was taken in a YKHC emergency room. In a press release, YKHC said that the day the image was taken, hospital cleaning staff “examined all patient rooms in the emergency department and found no signs of bedbugs or other insects in any room.” 

The release says that YKHC cannot control insects entering its facility on people’s clothing. However, it says that the staff clean each room in the emergency department after each patient by changing bed sheets and sanitizing room surfaces. 

The staff also conducts a “deep cleaning,” also called a "terminal clean," of all patient rooms at least once per day, which includes inspecting and disinfecting everything in the room. This cleaning process includes testing for bacteria in trace amounts. YKHC encourages people to alert staff of any cleanliness concerns.