Unofficial 2018 Bethel Municipal Election Results

Oct 3, 2018

Credit Katie Basile / KYUK

Local Option Proposition: Failed

Yes votes: 488 total votes; 46.21% of total votes on the question.

No votes: 564 total votes; 53.41% of total votes on the question.

City Council Election Results For Four Open Seats:

Fred Watson received 644 total votes, or 60.98% of votes cast.

Perry Barr received 632 total votes, or 59.85% of votes cast.

Carole Jung Jordan received 600 total votes, or 56.82% of votes cast.

Fritz T. Charles received 489 total votes, or 46.31% of votes cast.

Anny Cochrane received 433 total votes, or 41.00% of total votes cast.

Shadi Rabi received 326 total votes, or 30.87% of votes cast.

Write-in Mark Springer received 136 total votes, or 12.88% of votes cast.

Percentage of voter turnout: 29.24%

Total registered voters: 3,611

Total ballots issued: 1,165

Total properly cast ballots: 1,056

Total questioned/special needs ballots issued: 102

You can find the complete unofficial 2018 municipal election results here.