New Laundromat Coming To Bethel

Apr 15, 2016

Washers at Q2’s laundromat.
Credit Dean Swope / KYUK

A new laundromat is being constructed in Bethel. The Swanson’s Quick Food Center, better known as Q2, broke ground on the new addition last fall and expects to open to the public June 1.

The laundromat holds six standard washers and dryers along with one super washer and dryer for bulk items like blankets and sleeping bags. Cliff Linderoth, facilities manager, says the machines are quarter operated with a quarter dispenser available in the laundry area.

The price per load, Linderoth says, is still being worked out.

“I know it won’t be any higher than any of the competitors in town, and there’s a possibility we could be lower. We make our own water with our own water plant, and so we have an advantage there,” Linderoth said.

Q2’s laundromat addition.
Credit Dean Swope / KYUK

That competitor is AC Quickstop, which charges five dollars a load and sits on the opposite end of town. Bethel’s only other public laundry facility, the Allanivik Hotel, located near Q2, is closing its doors on April 15.

The laundromat Linderoth says is part of a larger renovation for the Q2, which the owners planned before the hotel announced its shutdown. Linderoth says the remodeling will expand the merchandise area, relocate offices, and move the service counters.