KuC Only Open By Appointment; Library And Cultural Center Closed

Mar 18, 2020

University of Alaska Fairbanks, Kuskokwim Campus is now only open by appointment.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks, Kuskokwim Campus has tightened its restrictions due to the threat of COVID-19. KuC Student Services Technician Danny Nelson said that the campus is only open by appointment. That means students will have to call ahead of time to use computers, talk to advisors, or study on campus. 

Non-credit classes, like judo and painting, will be cancelled this quarter. For-credit classes are still proceeding online. Staff are working to make class materials available for students who don’t have an internet connection. KuC’s dorms are closed.

The university has also closed the Kuskokwim Consortium Library and the Cultural Center until March 31. The library is still checking out books, but you will need to call ahead at 907-543-4516 to let them know the items you want.