Five Candidates Express Interest In Open Seat On Bethel City Council

Oct 16, 2019

One of the following candidates will join Bethel City Council on a one-year term: Rick Garcia, Courtney Trammell, Joni Beckham, Jon Cochrane, or Michelle DeWitt.
Credit City of Bethel

Five candidates have expressed interest in the final seat on Bethel City Council. The seat opened up when former council member Carole Jung-Jordan resigned last month. The candidates are Rick Garcia, Courtney Trammell, Joni Beckham, Jon Cochrane, and Michelle DeWitt. Absent from the list are the two candidates who ran for city council this year but were not elected: Raymond "Thor" Williams and Fritz Charles will not be considered for the final council seat. 

At the next council meeting on Oct. 22, council will decide who to appoint to the one-year term. Each candidate will have three minutes for an opening statement, and council members can then ask each candidate a question. Council will take a vote, and the appointed individual will join council for the rest of the meeting and the one-year term.