Coffee@KYUK, May 13: Spring Comes With Easing Restrictions In Some Villages

May 13, 2020

KYUK Interns Tatyana Avugiak and Kaylee King connect with KYUK virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Credit Courtesy of Tatyana Avugiak and Kaylee King

As spring arrives, people are beginning to relax on social distancing protocols as they prepare to fish and gather subsistence foods in some villages.

KYUK's Katie Basile talked with two students who were studying at Bethel Regional High School in the Media Ready program before the pandemic hit. The former KYUK interns said that people in their villages are beginning to travel more, and spend more time in each other's homes.

Kaylee King, speaking from Mekoryuk, said that everybody is more relaxed about wearing masks, except at the store. Tatyana Avugiak, speaking from Chefornak, said that everybody is out enjoying the spring weather, adding that people used to have to call the tribal office to leave the village by plane, but don't anymore. She said that people can travel out without a problem, although they are still trying to maintain 6 feet of social distancing at the store.

Both students are wrapping up their semesters at home and hoping to return to Bethel for the Media Ready program next fall.