Cece Franko Running For Bethel City Council

Sep 12, 2019

Cece Franko is running for Bethel City Council.
Credit Cece Franko

KYUK is continuing its series profiling candidates for Bethel City Council. Today, KYUK’s Greg Kim brings us Cece Franko. You can listen to Bethel City Council candidate Cece Franko’s full “Coffee@KYUK” interview online.

Cece Franko moved to Bethel from Rocky River, Ohio about three years ago as a Jesuit Volunteer for Tundra Women’s Coalition. After two years of JV service, she decided to stay in Bethel and currently works for the State of Alaska as a Local Government Specialist. 

Franko also served as chair of the city's Finance Committee for the past year. As a committee member, she noticed an improvement when the city hired the new Finance Director. If elected, she wants to focus on filling Bethel’s remaining city job vacancies.

“I really want to make sure that we take our time and find people that are fit and work well with our community,” Franko said.

Franko acknowledges that she is relatively new to Bethel, “I think ideally, someone from the region would be running for this position. But as a member of this community and as a member of the Finance Committee, I’ve been experiencing a lot of frustrations with the way city council is operating at the city as a whole.” 

And she thinks her personality would be a welcome addition to council. 

“I like keeping everyone positive and happy,” Franko said. “If council can work together more, to kind of see eye to eye, that we’re all here working together, trying our best to serve the community of Bethel, then we can be a little more positive.”

Cece Franko also wants to make improvements to Bethel’s roads, and water and sewage systems.