CARES Act Assistance Now Ready For ONC Members

Sep 2, 2020

Credit Orutsararmiut Native Council

There is over $13 million available in CARES Act funding for Bethel tribal members, but ONC says that applicants need to use the mail, internet, or phone to apply for it as soon as possible.

Bethel’s ONC tribal members will soon get something in the mail asking them to apply for help in paying for pandemic expenses. The tribe has over $13 million in CARES Act funding for its members. ONC Executive Director Mark Springer said that the money is set aside to help pay rent checks, utility bills, and more. All members have to do is apply by the Oct. 16 deadline.

“Please, please, please get those applications in. You know, you can have attached receipts or bills or stuff. We will be following up on that,” said Springer.

ONC is looking for copies of bills, but they don’t all need to be on the initial application. The organization is hiring staff to help get that information for its files.

ONC is sending out applications in the mail to all of its registered tribal members, including those who live outside of the region. Tribal members can also go on the ONC web site to apply, or contact ONC directly by phone and follow up by email or in person. Springer said that a number of people already have applied. Federal law requires ONC to distribute the CARES Act funding by Dec. 15.