BNC's Bethel Spirits Liquor Store Reopening For Thirty Days

Jun 29, 2017

BNC's Bethel Spirits on Bethel's Front Street on opening day Sept. 27, 2016.
Credit Dean Swope / KYUK Public Media

Bethel Spirits on Front Street has reopened its doors after being closed all year. The liquor store, owned by Bethel Native Corporation, began doing business again on Tuesday and will remain open for the next 30 days, operating Tuesday through Saturday.

That’s the schedule the store had last year when it first opened and operated for only 30 days, the required length of time for liquor stores to operate to keep their license under Alaska statute. 

Ana Hoffman is the President and CEO of Bethel Native Corporation and was one of the most vocal advocates for legalizing alcohol sales in Bethel.

She writes in The Delta Discovery that the corporation intends to operate the store for 30 days annually and that only six customers will be allowed inside at a time.

Additionally, Bethel Spirits will not be selling spirits, which are distilled alcoholic beverages. Instead, they’ll only sell wine and beer.