Bethel’s Plans To Spend Remaining CARES Act Funds And Transfer Property To ONC

Dec 9, 2020

Credit Christine Trudeau / KYUK

In its meeting on Dec. 8, Bethel City Council made plans to spend the remainder of its CARES Act funding.

Acting City Manager Pete Williams said that the city still has about $2 million in CARES Act funding left. In order to spend it all before the Dec. 30 deadline, he made some proposals, one of which was to purchase 2,890 boxes of produce from Meyers Farm and distribute them to families in need. Williams proposed that the remaining funds be spent on grants for Bethel businesses, individual families, and nonprofits, in that order. The council approved both plans.

Next on the agenda was a matter of property. The city council directed Williams to begin the process of transferring land to ONC. The city currently owns the land underneath ONC’s Multipurpose Building, also known as the old bowling alley. Williams said that the next step is to subdivide and appraise the property.