Bethel City Council Member Carole Jung-Jordan Resigns

Sep 24, 2019

Bethel City Council member Carole Jung-Jordan resigned on Monday afternoon.
Credit Courtesy of Carole Jung Jordan

Another seat has opened up on Bethel City Council. Yesterday afternoon, council member Carole Jung-Jordan resigned her seat. In her resignation letter, she said that she wanted to focus more on her family, her children, and her work. She will not be attending tonight's council meeting.


The city council can choose to either appoint someone, or give the one-year term to the candidate with the fifth most votes in the upcoming election. Prior to Jung-Jordan’s resignation, six candidates were vying for four open seats. 


Likely, the decision will be made by the new council at the Oct. 8 meeting. However, the current council could amend the agenda for today’s meeting and decide how to fill the seat tonight.