April 6 Coronavirus Update: Bethel Food Bank

Apr 7, 2020

Credit Katie Basile / KYUK

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the Bethel Food Bank delivers its monthly box of commodity foods. 


Usually people would come to the Bethel Lion’s Club on the third Saturday of the month to pick up food, but now people are being asked to stay home and avoid getting close to others. Jaela Milford is a Jesuit Volunteer/Americorps member who works at the Bethel library and helps organize the monthly food distribution. She says that volunteers will now deliver the food to where it is needed. 

“I and a couple of my roommates will be delivering directly to front porches and houses so that the individuals can still get those groceries, but also so we can avoid contact with each other and make sure no one gets sick in the process,” said Milford.

She asks for those people who don’t have a permanent address and need the food to call her work number, 907-543-4544, and she will make arrangements. 

“I’m willing to meet them wherever they need to,” Milford says. “I want them to get the food.” 

And if you are not on the list for food deliveries but would like to be on it, Milford asks that you call her at that same number, 907-543-4544, and she will help you through the process. She says that all people need to do is call and leave a message, and she will return it during her work hours.

“I would prefer to hear from everyone. I’d love to have triple the number of people I normally get. I want this food to benefit everyone.”

You can also go on Facebook to find out more about the Bethel Food Bank, or check out the Bethel Library’s home page, which also has a link to the food bank. The Bethel Food Bank is a partnership with the Bethel Lion’s Club.