Akiak Remains Dry Following Special Election To Change Alcohol Law

Apr 1, 2021

Akiak, Alaska
Credit Google Maps screenshot

The City of Akiak is not changing its alcohol laws following its special election on March 30, and the votes from the election will not be counted.

Akiak City Administrator Jason Andrews said that the election needs to be redone because of what he called “meddling,” saying “people were bothering people while they were trying to vote.”

Andrews said that the city will hold another election on whether to change its alcohol local option status, but he would not say when that election would occur.

Akiak has been dry for 30 years, since 1991, banning both the sale and importation of alcohol into the community.

Akiak Tribal Council President Mike Williams Sr. said that the tribe will continue to enforce Akiak’s dry status, and may banish people who sell alcohol within the community.

Williams also questioned the validity of the city’s recent election. A picture of the ballot showed options for voting to change the city to a wet or damp status, but no option for keeping the community dry.