Johanna Eurich

Managing Editor

Johanna Eurich's vivid broadcast productions have been widely heard on National Public Radio since 1978. She spent her childhood speaking Thai, then learned English as a teenager and was educated at a dance academy, boarding schools and with leading intellectuals at her grandparents' dinner table in Philadelphia.

Eurich learned broadcasting in 1974 and helped advocate for the work of independent radio producers and stations. She moved to Alaska to be News Director of KSKA in Anchorage after helping put WVMR on the air - a solar heated radio station in one of the poorest parts of Appalachia. 

She has worked for the Alaska Public Radio Network, KTNA in Talkeetna, KDLG in Dillingham, as well as periods at KCUK, in Chevak and KBRW in Barrow. She was at KYUK in 1996 and returned as Managing Editor in 2016.

Calista board member Wayne Don became a brigadier general in the National Guard this past weekend. He has been serving as the director of the joint staff in Alaska and heading up the Alaska National Guard’s COVID-19 Response Team, which has meant doing contact tracing, food distribution in Southcentral Alaska, and being prepared to do more if needed.

Gannon University Athletics

Bethel’s first female collegiate wrestler competed in her first tournament this weekend, and took second place in her weight class in freestyle wrestling. Lindsey Beans-Polk wrestled for Bethel Regional High School before she became a freshman wrestler at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania. She said that this weekend’s event was her first freestyle competition.

Katie Basile / KYUK

At times it felt like 2020 would never end, but now the year is finally coming to a close. Before we move into 2021, here’s a look back on KYUK’s top stories from the year we’ve just survived.

907Victor via YouTube

Bethel’s annual fireworks display is going to be bigger and better than ever. Casey Burke, with the Bethel Fire Department, said that the department raised enough funds to support a show much larger than normal to ring in 2021.

Bethel Winter House

On Monday, Dec. 28, Bethel’s homeless shelter opened its new building, which formerly housed the town’s senior center, to guests for the first time. Jon Cochrane, with Bethel Winter House, said that it’s exciting to finally have a homeless shelter that will be open all year round, not just in the winter.

Patrick Dulin, the developer of the Step Away smartphone app for recovery.
James Evans / University of Alaska Anchorage

People are drinking more as they struggle to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Tiffany Hall, with Recover Alaska, said that survey statistics indicate that people are using both drugs and alcohol more than they were before the pandemic began.

Patrick Dulin, the developer of the Step Away smartphone app for recovery.
James Evans / University of Alaska Anchorage

On Dec. 21, our guest on Coffee at KYUK was Tiffany Hall. Hall is the executive director of Recover Alaska, an advocacy group that helps with addiction prevention, addressing social norms around recovery, and connecting people to resources. We highlighted an application for smartphones, Step Away, which helps recovering alcoholics change habits that lead to drinking.

Liane White, 35, with her children Presely, 14, Jonah, 11, Daniel, 8, and Natalie, 16 months, pictured at her husband's gravesite on the day of his funeral, Nov. 25, 2020.
Courtesy of Liane White

Bethel resident Kevin White was only 35 when COVID-19 took his life. He left behind four children, ages 14 to 16 months. His wife, Liane White, said that no one expected Kevin to have a hard time with the disease.

Six students graduated last week from the University of Alaska's nursing program housed at the UAF Kuskokwim Campus. Completing a nursing program during a pandemic posed both challenges and opportunities. Ruby Anvil said that she had to go through quarantine as a student, just like regular health care workers.

Mark Leary and his ice road crew set out to plow the ice road on the morning of Jan. 6, 2020 and reached Kalskag at 7 p.m. of Jan. 7, 2020.
Mark Leary

Cold and stormy weather has improved the river ice conditions around Bethel. Mark Leary, with Bethel Search and Rescue, said that most of the difficult sections of water around Bethel are now frozen, including the area at the crossing from Church Slough to Straight Slough.