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How KYUK Plans To Cover The COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a critical time for KYUK to be providing the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta with the best information in order to keep our communities as safe as possible. Our goal over the coming months will be to live up to our mission of delivering public health and safety information, while taking necessary precautions to keep our small staff healthy and functional and reduce spreading the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

During this time, KYUK will continue to provide timely information about the coronavirus and other important stories. We will continue to produce critical content, like news stories, Tundra Drums messages, and weather updates. We will also continue to produce our daily talk shows like Yuk to Yuk and Talkline so that the community has a place to discuss current affairs.

This pandemic will develop over months, and we are preparing a lengthy coverage plan. Taking care of our staff’s health will be critical. Our average department size is two people. Staying healthy, or at least slowing the rate of infection, will be an important step to ensuring that we can continually serve the region. 


With these precautions in mind, the following directives and recommendations will be put in place until further notice:

Interacting with the Community

  • We will be locking our door to the general public. However, we want to continue hearing from you, answering your questions, responding to concerns, and sharing what is happening in your community. Please contact us through the following means:

  • We will not promote events that call for gatherings of multiple people or that do not comply with federal, state, or local health organization recommendations. 

  • We will waive all fees and costs associated with coronavirus-related PSAs.

Staff Directives

  • All staff and board travel is suspended.  

  • Any staff member who has travelled outside the state must work from home for 14 days after their return, and may not enter the station until their quarantine is complete.

  • Any staff member experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath), or sharing a household with someone experiencing these symptoms should call the YKHC triage line immediately (543-6949) and self-quarantine for seven days.

  • Staff should work from home as possible and come into work only as necessary. 

  • Staff must wear face masks when entering the station, when in common areas, and when in the same room as other people

  • Staff should disinfect their work area at least twice daily; once when beginning, and again when ending their work.

  • Staff should disinfect shared equipment before and after each use. 

  • Staff may not invite personal or professional guests inside the station.

  • Live, volunteer hosted music shows will be suspended. 

Staff Recommendations

  • Meetings and content gathering should be done remotely.

  • Staff should try to maintain a personal space of 6 feet from other staff members.

  • Staff should attempt to stagger work in shared work areas to minimize social contact with others.

Other Workplace Details

  • Employees working at home may request reimbursement for up to 10GB of internet per month.

  • Staff will hold daily teleconferences to assess and plan for staff and community needs.

  • We will ensure that common areas are cleaned twice daily; this will include disinfecting shared areas, including door knobs, light switches, and common spaces. 

  • Anyemployee finding it difficult to work from home should discuss remedies with the General Manager.

Our plans will change as the pandemic evolves. What will not change is our unyielding commitment to informing the Y-K Delta of news and potentially lifesaving information. 

As we do our utmost to fulfill our duties and keep people safe, we appreciate everyone doing the same. These are trying times, but we feel strengthened knowing that we are all in this together.  

Thank you all for your continued support. 


Shane Iverson, KYUK General Manager

Shane has been serving as General Manager since 2016. He joined KYUK as a journalist before he was promoted to radio director. He coaches several youth sports teams and enjoys hunting and fishing for his family and friends.