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Y K Delta Daily Covid Case Counts At Highest Point Since January

Olivia Ebertz

After a few months with low case counts, COVID-19 appears to be once again surging in the Y-K Delta. Daily cases across the region have been hitting the double digits consistently since mid-July. On Aug 17, the region hit its highest case count since January, with 43 cases reported in a single day. Hospitalizations are increasing too. The Y-K Delta surge is consistent with a sharp spike in cases statewide and across the nation.


Most infections are occurring in unvaccinated individuals, and nearly all severe infections and deaths are in people who have not received a vaccine. Although the mRNA vaccines, like Pfizer and Moderna, are still highly effective against hospitalization, studies show that the vaccine's effectiveness does start to decrease over time.  


The New York Times reports that overall, the vaccines have an effectiveness of about 55% against infection, 80% against symptomatic COVID-19, and at least 90% against hospitalization.

The CDC now recommends that immunocompromised people get a third booster shot of either the Moderna or the Pfizer vaccine. YKHC said that it will reach out to people who qualify.