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Bethel Police Identify One Suspect, A Minor, In ALASKAbuds Break-In And Burglary

Bethel Police Department

Bethel Police have identified one of the suspects in the ALASKAbuds marijuana store break-in and burglary. Acting Police Chief Amy Davis said that she received a tip from someone who knew the burglars.


Davis said that police made contact with one boy, aged 14 or 15, Wednesday afternoon. Officers contacted the Bethel Youth Facility, but the facility would not remand him. Davis says that BYF rarely remands minors for property crimes, so the boy was released to his parents’ custody.

Davis says that police have not yet made contact with the other boy involved in the break-in, who is believed to be a minor and a relative of the first suspect. She says that it is early in the investigation, but both boys could face charges of burglary or criminal mischief.

Two individuals broke into the marijuana store, ALASKAbuds, around 12:30 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 17. Using a sledgehammer, the pair bashed open the doors and smashed glass display cases to steal some rolling papers. The store manager says that no cash or marijuana was taken because they were locked up in large safes.

There is a correction to an earlier version to this story that stated Bethel police officers transported the suspect to the Bethel Youth Facility. Actually, they contacted BYF first, and released the boy to his parents after the facility decided not to remand him.

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