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Vehicle rams Fili's Pizza delivery car into ditch

On Sunday, July 23, Filli’s Pizza Manager Sam Malone got a call from his boss. Early that morning, his delivery car had been pushed over a small cliff behind the restaurant.

“There was somebody who, I'm not sure if they were drunk driving or doing something else,” said Malone. “But drove their van into my delivery car, which crashed into the ditch, and then they crashed their van into the ditch.”

By the time police were called at 5:55 a.m., the driver was gone. However, by necessity, they’d left their van. The two vehicles were over the steep decline, giving drivers on Osage Street a dramatic scene.

Malone filed a police report. The police had the vehicle’s registration information and worked on getting ahold of the driver. By the end of the week, a former Fili’s employee had pulled the two vehicles out with his loader and they had contacted the vehicle’s owner. Malone’s car was totaled.

“Turns out that the guy doesn't have insurance, so we've had to pay out of pocket. And it's been probably about $700 to get the cars out and then deal with everything else,” said Malone. “I didn't want to press charges or do anything like that, but he kind of owes me a lot of money right now.”

Despite the totaled delivery car, Malone assured his customers that Fili’s is still delivering using another car.

Sunni is a reporter and radio lover. Her favorite part of the job is sitting down and having a good conversation.