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Supporters Give Big to KYUK

Carolyn McLaurin

Individual donors provided the YK Delta’s only public media organization with just over $30,000 during this year’s fall fundraiser. The campaign concluded Friday, October 13.

This event's donation total is the third highest in recent history. It’s sizeable, especially considering Alaska’s economic recession and the lean size of our PFD.

When we started the fundraiser we set an ambitious goal of $35,000, which would have been a record. We wanted to give our audience every opportunity that we could to support their station and almost 350 individual donations were made over the course of the campaign.

We’re encouraged that our supporters came as close as they did to reaching our goal. It also makes us proud that per person giving to KYUK is among the strongest in the nation when compared to other public radio affiliates.

Every year we ask our supporters why they give to KYUK and we see some pretty common responses from year to year. Many rely on our Yup’ik language content. Other popular services include local talk shows, weather and trail reports, and national news. It goes without saying that the Birthday Line is always a favorite.

What stood out this year was the increase in positive comments about KYUK news. That’s encouraging for us to see and we feel that it is our purpose, now more than ever, to ensure that the region’s public has a strong and steady source of real journalism.  

We’re happy to see that our audience is not taking local news for granted.

Thank you to all of the wonderful individuals who gave their arts or crafts to the fundraiser. We give special thanks to Napaimute Enterprises, Ravn Alaska, and Crowley Fuel for their help in energizing the event with their generous donations.





Shane has been serving as General Manager since 2016. He joined KYUK as a journalist before he was promoted to radio director. He coaches several youth sports teams and enjoys hunting and fishing for his family and friends.