Troopers Arrest Man Accused Of Strangling Girlfriend

Dec 15, 2017

Daniel Nick, age 25, is accused of strangling his pregnant girlfriend until she blacked out.
Credit Courtesy of State Trooper Nicholas Hayes.

Daniel Nick was arrested in Kwethluk earlier today. The 25-year-old is accused of brutally strangling his pregnant girlfriend, who survived the alleged attack. He was incarcerated at Bethel’s Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center (YKCC) awaiting trial, but escaped custody last week.

The court gave Nick permission to attend a funeral and temporarily released him into the care of two third-party custodians. According to State Trooper Nicholas Hayes, Nick ran away from one of his custodians in front of the jail last Friday, almost as soon as he was released.

Nick is now back in custody. Trooper Hayes said that some of Nick’s family was helping him, but that they cooperated with the Troopers’ investigation.

Nick is charged with five different counts of assault in varying degrees. He has been convicted of assault at least four times in the past six years.