Toksook Islander Girls Head To State After Winning LKSD District Basketball Tournament

Mar 5, 2018

The Toksook Bay Islanders won the Lower Kuskokwim School District basketball tournament 48 to 44 in a close game against the Newtok Jaegers on March 3, 2018 at the Bethel Regional High School gym.
Credit Kaylen Jones / LKSD

The Toksook Bay Islander girls' basketball team is heading to State after beating the Newtok Jaegers at the Lower Kuskokwim School District Basketball Tournament. It was a tight game this weekend, with both teams tying the score multiple times throughout the match. But with minutes left on the clock, the Islanders pulled ahead, winning the game 48 to 44. Student Correspondent Jared James from Tununak was there and has this report.

Toksook got the tip off and scored the first basket. The audience erupted, cheering on both teams. The Lady Jaegers had a strong defense, but the Islanders were able to score a three-pointer. On one side of the gym, the Islander crowd sang in support of their team. Quickly, the Jaegers fans began to cheer their team on. The Islanders kept scoring twos after twos, but the Lady Jaegers kept up with the opposing team. At the end of the first quarter the Islanders led by nine points, 17 to 8.

In the second quarter, the audience loved the threes sunk by the Jaegers. Newtok caught up to the Islanders, tying the score 17 to 17. Then one of the Newtok starting players twisted her ankle and was unable to play the rest of the game. Newtok pulled ahead, but the Islanders' defense was strong and was able to turn over the Jaegers. The score tied again, 22 to 22. Three minutes from the end of the second quarter, one of the Islanders’ captains got injured. At the end of the second quarter Toksook led by three points, 28 to 25.

In the start of the third quarter, a Jaeger fouled an Islander. Then an Islander had a technical foul, which allowed the Jaegers to tie the game 28 to 28. The atmosphere lit up when the Jaegers scored multiple threes, pulling ahead. By the end of the third quarter the Newtok Jaegers were leading by seven points, 38 to 31.

In the final quarter the Islanders' defense was strong, but the Jaegers were able to make a basket. The crowd lit the room, yelling “Newtok Jaegers!” The Islanders sang their school song. One player from Newtok got fouled out, but the Islanders tied the game 41 to 41. The Islanders had numerous turn-overs, which pushed the Newtok Jaegers in the lead, 44 to 43, but the lead didn’t last. Newtok wouldn’t score any more points, but the Islanders scored four more to win the game 48 to 44.