Office Of Special Prosecutions Continues To Review Charges Against Fansler

May 4, 2018

District 38 Representative Zach Fansler speaking with Bethel resident Mary Nanuwak at the December 12, 2017. Fansler resigned following assault allegations in February, 2018.
Credit Christine Trudeau/KYUK

The Office of Special Prosecutions is still reviewing charges against former Representative Zach Fansler and may have an update on the case next week.

Fansler resigned from his position after a woman accused him of drunkenly slapping her several times and damaging her eardrum. The Office of Special Prosecutions has been reviewing charges against him since February. Assistant District Attorney Paul Miovas says that the Office of Special Prosecutions must, “make sure they’ve taken everything into account before we issue any press releases or further information.”