City Parks And Rec Says New Owl Park Playground Underway; Volunteers Needed To Clean Up Pinky’s Park

May 16, 2018

With National Trails Day coming up, the City's Parks and Recreation Committee will be hosting "Friends of Pinky’s Park" at Pinky’s Park on June 2. Food and refreshments will be served as volunteers pick up trash and identify items needing to be fixed.
Credit Christine Trudeau / KYUK


Work on the new Owl Park playground is already a week ahead of schedule.


Bethel’s Parks Recreation Aquatic Health and Safety Center Committee met Monday night to get the full update, and Committee Co-chair Judy Wasierski is excited.


“Old playground stuff, the bleachers, everything’s out of the playground area; it’s leveled,” Wasierski said. “And they’re in the process of looking at bids for playground equipment.”


Come the fall, she said, Owl Park will be completely transformed, with the basketball court on the opposite side.


National Trails Day is coming up on June 2, says Parks Committee member Kathy Hanson, and they’ll be hosting “Friends of Pinky’s Park” at Pinky’s Park.


“We’re going to have an event with hot dogs and refreshments, and inviting everybody that’s interested to come to help us do a wide sweep of Pinky’s, picking up the trash, identifying things that need to be fixed that are still not repaired,” said Hanson.


Bethel's Parks And Recreation Committee says that the new remodel of Owl Park Playground is currently underway and is expected to be completed by Fall 2018.
Credit ChristineTrudeau / KYUK

Hanson says that their hope is that a permanent group of volunteers will spring from the event to continue to take care of Pinky’s Park and help identify unmet needs there.


Wasierski discussed plans for Bethel's Fourth of July celebration, with Rhonda Sargent of 4H in charge of the parade and Anna Nicolai of Public Works the contact person for booth rentals.


They’re still seeking an emcee, sound system equipment, and entertainment says Wasierski. Those interested can contact Anna Nicolai at 907-543-3110.