Calista Corporation's Fall Dividend Totals $2.4 Million

Oct 27, 2017

Credit Courtesy of Calista Corporation

The Calista Coporation’s Board of Directors just approved this year’s Akilista dividend. It totals $2.4 million, up more than 7 percent from last year’s fall payment.

This year's Akilista dividend will pay out $1.79 per share; the average Calista shareholder owns a hundred shares and should expect a payout of about $179.

While Calista’s spring dividend is based on Shareholders’ Equity from the prior three years, its fall dividend is derived from the Corporation’s Akilista investment portfolio, an account created as a source for dividend payments that is not reliant on the corporation's business operations. Calista made its first distribution from the Akilista portfolio in 2014.

The Native Regional corporation has over 13,500 shareholders and has distributed a total of $49.5 million to them over the course of its history. Sixty percent of that money was paid out in the last three years, after the creation of the Akilista portfolio.

This year’s fall dividend payment should be sent to shareholders by mail and direct deposit by the close of business on November 20.