AVCP's Chief Operating Officer Resigns

Apr 4, 2018

AVCP's Chief Operating Officer, Liz Pederson, has decided to resign.
Credit Courtesy of the Association of Village COuncil Presidents

There’s been a small shakeup in the Association of Village Council Presidents’ upper leadership. Liz Pederson, the nonprofit’s Chief Operating Officer, has resigned. Her last day of work will be April 11.

A former Bethel public defender, Pederson served as AVCP’s general counsel before she was promoted to COO. Public Relations Coordinator Azara Mohammadi said that Pederson oversaw a number of initiatives at AVCP and played a key role in shaping the nonprofit’s "quality improvement process." "We wish Liz well and would like to thank her for everything she’s done," said Mohammadi.

In a press release issued this afternoon, AVCP CEO Vivian Korthuis said that Pederson was leaving AVCP to "begin a new chapter in her life." Mohammadi added that the resignation was Pederson's personal decision. Brent Latham, AVCP’s Deputy Operating Officer, will serve as Acting Chief Operating Officer until the position is filled.