Three New Subdivisions On Track To Add More Housing In Bethel

Jan 26, 2021

Bethel's three new subdivisions could add over 100 homes to the city in just a few years.
Credit Dean Swope / KYUK

On Jan. 26, the Bethel City Council is expected to hire Tumak Enterprises, LLC as developers of Tanqik Subdivision. The already-approved subdivision will add 10 new lots to the city. It doesn’t sound like much. But between the other two subdivisions already underway, in a few short years the city could have over 100 new homes providing housing for hundreds of residents.

Across the street from Tanqik is Blue Sky Subdivision. According to Bethel City Planning Director Ted Meyer, construction on roads there will continue this summer. Blue Sky has 80 lots, but has not begun selling them yet. 

Orutsararmiut Native Council says that it is 96% finished building the roads for its subdivision. That project sits behind the post office and has 33 lots, some of which are reserved for affordable housing. But because ONC relies on grants, it could take them some time to build. ONC’s Director of Housing, Calvin Cockroft, said that they’re using a block grant to pay for  construction. This funding allows them to build about four units a year. Cockroft said that they’re pursuing additional funds that could up those numbers to six units a year, but it would still take a few years to get the entire project completed.