St. Mary's Man Shot By Alaska State Troopers

Aug 10, 2018

Carl Tyson, age 28, was shot by Alaska State Troopers in St. Mary's on August 2nd.

Alaska State Troopers shot a St. Mary’s man last week after an alleged domestic violence incident spiraled out of control.

On August 2, the Troopers received a call from a St. Mary’s Village Police Officer requesting backup on a domestic violence incident. When the Troopers arrived at the house, the suspect, Carl Tyson, age 28, allegedly fled the scene. The officers ran after him through the village and after a short chase, Tyson turned to face them. According to the Troopers’ report on the incident, Tyson then advanced on the Troopers and the VPO with a knife in his hands.

According to the report, the Troopers wrote that they ordered Tyson to stop and drop the knife multiple times. When he didn’t, they said, they opened fire. Tyson died at the scene.

The Troopers released the name of the officer who shot Tyson on Monday. Sergeant Brent Hatch is stationed in St. Mary’s and is a 10-year veteran of the Alaska State Troopers. Investigators with the Alaska Bureau of Investigation responded to St. Mary’s to review the incident. Tyson’s body has been flown to the Medical Examiner in Anchorage.