For Some, It's Not Too Late To Get Another Moose

Mar 20, 2020

Credit National Park Service

If you haven’t gotten a moose this winter, there’s still time for some hunters.

The winter moose season has been extended until April 30 for local residents in the Unit 18 Remainder Hunt Area. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is adding two weeks to the winter hunt to make it the same length as the moose season on federally managed lands along the Yukon and Johnson Rivers. Biologists say that the moose population in this portion of Unit 18 is doing well, with estimates of 15,500 animals in the herd.

The state harvest limit for local residents is two moose per year. That means that if you harvested a moose last fall or earlier this winter, you can still legally get another one during this extended season. You will still need a current 2020 hunting license, though. They are available, along with general season moose harvest tickets, online at