No Flooding So Far As Break Up On The Kuskokwim River Continues

There’s no reports of flooding in communities along the Kuskokwim River so far, and that’s a good thing.

According to the latest river watch, the Kuskokwim River is mostly open, but hunks of ice are moving downriver. Near McGrath, ice is flowing out from the Takotna River, but is hugging the shoreline on the Kuskokwim.

Mark Leary warns that boating is still treacherous near the middle Kuskokwim River. He says that he chose not to travel the river to Aniak from Napaimute because of ice chunks still in the water.

Meanwhile, the Yukon River ice is beginning to soften. That’s according to Stanislaus Sheppard from Mountain Village. He says that there is open water from a sandbar in the middle of the Yukon River in front of Mountain Village to the south bank, but the rest is ice.