Mountain Village Teenager Charged With Murder

May 2, 2018

Raymond Landlord, age 16, is accused of shooting Coy Bryan on April 24, 2018.

People in the Western Alaska community of Mountain Village are struggling to recover after a brutal homicide involving teenagers last week.

The man shot last Tuesday was only 18, and the boy accused of shooting him “execution style” is even younger than that.

According to an affidavit filed by Alaska State Trooper Todd Moehring, the murder may have started with a break in. He writes that Raymond Landlord, age 16, broke into the home of 18-year-old Coy Bryan last Tuesday. Bryan allegedly confronted Landlord, but the 16-year-old had already found a pistol in the house. He shot at Bryan, and at that point Bryan tried to run for it. Landlord continued firing. Trooper Moehring says that Landlord shot Bryan once in the back of the head, then stood over Bryan and shot him again at close range.

Moehring writes that Landlord stole four pistols and about $400 from Bryan’s home. His investigation shows that Landlord spent the money on pot and alcohol, which he gave to other teens in the village. Before getting rid of the pistols, he showed them to a hunting partner. “That is the gun I used to kill Coy [Bryan],” the man remembers Landlord telling him.

When Coy Bryan’s family found his body last Tuesday, they quickly called the Alaska State Troopers, who mobilized a team of officers from at least six different divisions to respond. Investigators arrived from Soldotna, Fairbanks, and Palmer, along with technicians from the State Crime Lab. After several days of investigation, Troopers paid a visit to Raymond Landlord on Monday, April 29. They arrested him that same day.

Landlord is charged with murder in the first degree and is held with bail set at $750,000. Due to the severity of his crime, the 16-year-old is being tried in the regular court system, rather than juvenile court.