The Kuskokwim Corporation Names Sam Boyle As Interim CEO

Credit Courtesy of the Kuskokwim Corporation

The Kuskokwim Corporation has chosen Sam Boyle to serve as its interim CEO until a replacement is found. Former Chief Executive Officer Maver Carey retired from the role on February 1, a post she had held for 16 years. In all, Carey had worked for the Native corporation for more than two decades in a variety of roles.

Before being named to the interim CEO position, Boyle served as TKC’s chief operating officer. He also headed two of TKC’s subsidiaries: TKC Aerospace and Tumeq, which provides business services like accounting and human resources. Both are based in South Carolina, where Boyle currently lives.

These subsidiaries are known as "8a's," which take have special advantages under the Small Business Administration in competing for federal contracts.  

Boyle was caught up in a controversy nearly 10 years ago after a California news organization investigated a federal 8a flood control contract held by TKC subsidiary Suulutaaq. The corporation sued a reporter and two news media organizations for defamation, taking issue with an article that suggested that the company was unqualified to take on the project and questioned Boyle’s ability to manage it. It later dropped the suit. Boyle was acting as “transitional CEO” for Suulutaaq during that the time.

Meanwhile, The Kuskokwim Corporation’s vice president, Andrea Gusty, will manage the daily operations in Alaska. No timeline has been announced for the search for TKC’s new CEO.