Iditarod Sled Dog Teams Continue Into Nome

Mar 14, 2019

Iditarod Rookie Jessica Klejka mushing into Unalakleet on March 12, 2019.
Credit Zachariah Hughes / APRN

Bethel Rookie Victoria Hardwick could make Iditarod history this year. If she gets the red lantern, this will be the first year Bethel mushers have come in first and last in the race.

Meanwhile, seven teams are on the last leg into Nome. One, Jeff Deeter, has left Safety. He and several teams behind him are expected to cross the finish line this afternoon. Another seven teams are waiting in White Mountain to make the final run.

Victoria Hardwick is part of group of four teams that have been mushing together at the rear of the Iditarod pack. They were all out of Unalakleet, headed up the coast of Norton Sound by 9 a.m. At this writing, Hardwick has two other teams behind her, but they are only three miles back and it’s still a long way to Nome. 

Bethel’s other rookie, Jessica Klejka, is over 200 miles ahead of Hardwick, approaching Elim. Her dogs should make it into that checkpoint by early afternoon. That would give Klejka a shot at making it into Nome on Friday.