Help KYUK Reach $40,000 Fundraising Goal

Oct 8, 2019

In an unprecedented summer, KYUK lost its state grant funding, cutting 10% out of our annual operating budget. The loss of this state funding will be challenging for years to come. Despite this funding transition and economic hardship, KYUK is committed to maintaining current services and continuing to play a vital role throughout the region. Now, more than ever, we look to you for support. Become a member by making a donation in support of KYUK's fall pledge drive, and help us reach our $40,000 fundraising goal by Friday, October 11.

Consider the role KYUK plays in your life: how you can tune in on a Friday night for a basketball game; how a news story from upriver, in Washington, or across the globe can affect your community; how ideas and conversations on Talkline, Morning Edition, or Fish Talk challenge you to think differently about the world. KYUK is radio that enlightens, inspires, and connects, but we can’t continue to do what we do without you. Help KYUK close the state funding gap with your pledge of support today.

The perseverance and dedication of our community helped put KYUK on the air nearly 50 years ago, and that same strength will keep us powered for another 50 years and beyond. Thank you for your continued trust and dedication. Together we will ensure that public broadcasting remains strong throughout the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.