Carole Jung Jordan Runs For Bethel City Council

Carole Jung Jordan
Credit Courtesy of Carole Jung Jordan


Born in Bethel and raised in Napakiak, Carole Jung Jordan is running for Bethel City Council in hopes of making a positive difference in the community.

Jung Jordan does data entry work for the state and is a mother of four. Having done prior work for the city as the Administrative Assistant to the Finance Director and for the Utilities Customer Service Department, Jung Jordan says that she has her finger on the pulse of Bethel.


“A good city council member should know the history of Bethel. Somebody who’s friendly, professional, trustworthy, and I believe I have those qualities,” said Jung Jordan.


Jung Jordan is focusing on services in the city. She wants council to focus on lowering the cost of hauling water to residents and businesses, planning for road maintenance, and improving administrative management at the city.


“I believe that those directly tie into the third issue, which I think is bad management at the city. I think once you fix that, the other two will kind of fix themselves,” Jung Jordan said.


Finding what she calls “quality management employees” is paramount to the city's future success for Jung Jordan. If elected, she is most interested in serving on the Public Works Committee.