Calista Squabble Patched Up

Feb 8, 2019

Credit Image provided by Colonel Wayne Don

It’s over. The legal battle between the Calista Regional Native Corporation and the former chairman of its board of directors has been settled. A press release on Thursday, Feb. 7 announced that "the legal disagreements between Wayne Don and Calista have been amicably resolved.” The lawsuit that the corporation filed has been dismissed.

The announcement said that the corporation is no longer seeking to remove Don from its board. It also said that Don acted in good faith as a board member and will remain a member, but that Robert Beans, who took over for Don, will continue to chair Calista’s board.

Don was asked to the leave the board when he called a special board meeting to discuss the corporation’s President and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Guy’s handling of complaints of alleged sexual harassment and corruption on the part of George Owletuk, a friend of the CEO and a Calista executive at the time. Owletuk no longer works for Calista.

Don, in a written comment, says that he is pleased that the case is resolved and that the public censure and sanctions have been retracted, adding that “he looks forward to continuing to serve on the Calista Board in the best interests of Calista shareholders.”

No public statements have been made about how the legal costs associated with the Calista suit against Don will be handled.