Bethel Wrestlers Pin It

Apr 23, 2018

Bethel Wretling Club at 2018 Alaska Battle Cats Freestyle Tournament
Credit Bethel Wrestling

The Bethel wrestling club was a force to be reckoned with in Anchorage this weekend. The club brought home four first place standings and one hard fought second place in the 2018 Alaska Battle Cats Freestyle Tournament at Service High School.

Isabel Lieb took first place in Novice Girls when she wrestled Ariel Misa from the Anchorage Youth Wrestling Academy.

Ethan Wheeler, though young and small, is already proving he is no stranger to the mat. His first place finish in the Intermediate Boys, where he defeated Malila Miller of the Anchorage Freestyle Wrestling Club, is the latest in a run of victories for him this spring.

Joseph Smith also continues to up his game. He took first in the Schoolboy class, winning over Jordan Korth from the Copper River Wrestling Club.

Hayden Lieb, a junior wrestler in the 151 to 162-pound class, demonstrated his family's tradition by winning a first place in his match with Spencer Martin of the Avalanche Wrestling Association.

And last, but not least, Cole Iverson, possibly the smallest Bethel wrestler at the weekend tournament in Anchorage, took the mat no less than five times and brought home a second place finish when Mason Ekle of Mid-Valley Wolves Wrestling won the final match.

Next week, Bethel wrestlers will compete at two different tournaments. Some will take to the mats at the Avalanche Tournament at South Anchorage High School, and a small contingent of more experienced wrestlers will head to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete at the 2018 Western Region U.S. Open.