AVEC Says That Most Home Power Repairs Are Complete

Credit Krysti Shallenberger / KYUK

A couple of months ago, many Bethel residents got a surprise after receiving a letter from Alaska Village Electric Cooperative. 

AVEC's letter told residents that they needed to repair their power equipment to put it in compliance with the National Electical Code. That included anything attached to the house. 

For instance, repairs could be needed to the meter, meter pole, the grounding rod, or a combination of all three. If residents did not make the repairs, their power would be shut off by August 15. That deadline has come and gone, and AVEC CEO Meera Kohler says that most repairs have been completed.

Four-hundred and fifty Bethel residents got the letter. Most conpleted the repairs, or are currently working on them. The ones that are repairing it right now have until September 30 to finish. There are 10 customers who didn't do the repairs and their power has been disconnected.