Anchorage Liquor Store Closing Following Neighborhood Complaints

Mar 20, 2018

An indictment of the men shows that the manslaughter charges stems from a provision in state law, allowing the offense to be charged against someone who “knowingly manufactures or delivers” a Schedule IV A controlled substance when “a person dies as a direct result of ingestion of the controlled substance.”
Credit Marc Lester / ADN

The company that owns a chain of liquor stores in Anchorage has agreed to close one of them because of neighborhood complaints of problems caused by public inebriates.  

Located not far from the city's homeless shelter, the Brown Jug in Mountainview near the Red Apple Market will be closed, according to a report in the Anchorage Daily News

The owner, Liquor Stores North America, a company based in Canada, has also agreed to changes at another store, such as keeping a list of customers who will be barred from buying there. This is already being done at an Oaken Keg liquor store in Fairview, also in response to neighborhood concerns.